When you make 20-Direct joining, under your ID, then you start getting royalty income (lifetime). Here you get your share of 10% of daily turnover of the company (distributed in all royalty holders).

Active Royalty Income

To get this income, you have to make, 1-direct joining within every 3-days under your royalty ID. By not doing this ID automatically gets out of “Active Royalty-List”. Again, when you make direct-joining under this ID, you start getting active royalty income.

Upgrade Direct Income

Whenever, any direct joined person (by you) upgrades it’s ID. You get the 10% of the upgradation amount.

Franchise Income

To get franchise income, first time you have to purchase E-pin from company of Rs. 5000/- on this company will give discount of 10%. After this whenever you purchase E-pin from company you get discount of 10%.

Topper Income

Company gives a good-gift to the person who names maximum direct joining.